Liferanger series #2 Living Room

Liferanger is now in his living room. This set has 22 drawings and creates a final image 167cm x 100cm.

Liferanger Series #2 The Studio

This series is a kind of very slow VR. Sections of space drawn from a single viewpoint. I have made drawings like this in the past: First up, drawings from my studio. Each element is approximately 15cm x 21 cm, felt pen on smooth cartridge:

Liferanger #10

Au début 2021 j’ai commencé ce projet avec l’intention de créer une première série de 10. Voici donc la dixième, six mois plus tard. La deuxième série va démarrer…

Liferanger #9

Here is the latest collection

Liferanger #8

Here’s the most recent collection.

Liferanger #7

The latest liferanger collection maps the distances between the 28th and 29th April 2021. Further thoughts about the monotype process and it’s appeal. Some of the images here deliberately lose the mark. Sometimes I want the graphic trace but other times I want it to be closer to photography where the image impresses itself seemingly…
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