Video Games Art Director


With over 25 years’ experience in games development, I have been a part of the evolution of our industry and seen at first-hand how the role of the artist, and art practice in general, has changed.
Having had the opportunity to work in many different genres, in a variety of studios from indie start-ups to AAA global organisations; the services I now offer are based on the benefits and lessons learned.


I advise on setting up a successful art department and forging strong links between the key development and editorial stakeholders.
I provide guidance on structuring the art disciplines, establishing best practice and identifying the dependencies typically encountered during development.


I can advise with career development, performance review 360’s and training. Through mentoring I look to unlock their full potential by developing their critical thinking as well as their engagement as team players, at whatever stage of their careers.
When mentoring to lead artists and emerging art directors I help them clarify their vision and goals. This includes help with structuring documentation, art bibles and decks that will be the bed rock of their art direction.


I highly value the entrepreneurial potential of a healthy team dynamic and look to promote this whenever directly involved with the dev team – typically through managing and guiding core art components such as concepting, characters, environments to UX and UI.


A passion for CG means that I stay open to new opportunities offered by emerging technologies while the broader cultural and artistic aspects allow me to provide context and relevance when applied to our industry.