Exposition à l’Atelier du 6 – Châteauneuf sur Charente

From next week Saturday 4th March I’ll be showing work at the l’Atelier du 6, it’s a great space hosted by by Anaïs Escavi and Emmanuel de Cockborne , the latter has his sculpture workshop on the ground floor. I’ll be showing a selection of recent small paintings alongside some of the liferanger drawings. Le…
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A series of paintings of Mèze. I’m not the first to find see the USA in France – Jonathan Meades spends a fair time on it. Summer in Mèze felt like California and in the evenings specifically felt like the Eagles album cover Hotel California. You can check out anytime you like but you can…
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The presence of emptiness

Like background radiation I feel the pull to go back to some direct observation in painting – to put myself back at that point of intersection between subject and object. The chair paintings are my vehicle I guess. Here is the latest. It’s oil on canvas, 100 x 140 cm

Mèze petit formats

The first of some more small format paintings (30 x 21 cm) oil on board. This time they’re based around photos I took this summer in Mèze.

Mèze composite drawing

Liferanger on vacation. Drawings from Mèze laid out as a contact sheet, then as (possible) composites.

Strategies of survival and resistance

This set of drawings has a long evolution. I’ve always thought about what a drawing is trying to say and then consider whether the technique used to make the drawing was helpful or at odds to that intention. For a while I found hatching or lines to define shade problematic. Similarly anything other than an…
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