Novi Beograd Genex Tower

The Genex Tower with the illuminated Zepter sign dominates the skyline. It’s the dominant feature arriving from the airport. Returning to Belgrade it seemed to wrap up all sorts of emotions, of anticipation, of arrival, of being part of and apart. The first painting (now destroyed) shows the characteristic silhouette, while the second continues the…
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Time is the school in which we learn

Title taken from Delmore Schwarz poem ‘Calmly We Walk through This Aprils Day’

Novi Beograd pt4

Continuing the series with three more small paintings. I kind of let the paintings go where they want to go. Sometimes they’re looser, sometimes tight. How this happens is implicit, but I try and stay on the lookout to make suret that the paintings don’t lurch into the illustrational. (Fr) Je continue la série avec…
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Novi Beograd pt3

Three more paintings from Belgrade. These continue the themes I mentioned in a previous post – but I’ll add a couple of other thoughts. The blocks themselves, though monolithic, bristle with detail. They can look like mighty ships. I once glimpsed, in the distance across a bay, a vast cruise liner – for an moment…
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Novi Beograd continued

Three more views from Belgrade. There is something about undergrowth that hooks and reels me in.  The best way to illustrate this is to share a memory.  During a day out as kids, my brother and I scramble and tussle on a country path. I lose my footing and slip into the ditch that runs…
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Novi Beograd

Some time back I worked for a company in Belgrade – their offices were actually in new Belgrade, the municipality built on the left bank of the Sava river from the 1950’s onwards. It never ceased to fascinate me; maybe it was arriving from the airport in the dead of night and the following morning…
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